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Implementing A New ERP System: Is it About Time to Have “Cloud-First” Strategy?

Adoption of a new ERP system requires intensive planning and strategy. You’ll have to analyze everything from data retention, storage protocols to software testing, configuration and upfront costs.

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4 Benefits of Cloud Virtualization Technology to Increase Business Agility

The IT landscape is becoming increasingly complex. The user demand is changing, and the way IT is developing and delivering application is mostly based on user requirements. But can ...

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Why GDPR Compliance is Important to your Cybersecurity Strategy?

As information crosses international borders at an unprecedented rate, privacy and security of data remain one of the top concerns for Canadian businesses. 

We have been discussing PIPEDA lately ...

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3 Reasons Why Canadian Businesses Should Choose a Canadian Data Center

Many Canadian businesses are moving to cloud services to make use of the flexibility, ease of access, and lower cost of operation provided by third-party data hosting.  

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When Should You Choose a Canadian Data Center?

Many Canadian businesses are turning to the cloud for their data hosting needs, but it’s important to remember that “the cloud” is made possible by a data center - and the physical location of ...

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