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Gain Insights & Intelligence to Your Law Firm's Cybersecurity


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A WEBINAR TO Prepare, PLAN & Train AGAINST Cybersecurity THREATS

Law firms accumulate highly sensitive information from their clients. This is why confidentiality, integrity, availability and security of data is of utmost importance to them.

Recently our team got the opportunity to speak with different law firm managers and administrators to discuss how technology has been contributing to the growth of their legal business in last few years. However, the talks mostly concentrated on data breaches, stealing of intellectual property rights and changing of valuable client information. 
If your law firm's IT infrastructure has been suffering from security loopholes, need help protecting data, maintaining consistency, accuracy, the trustworthiness of information throughout its life cycle, our webinar is dedicated to helping you with the same.

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Penetration Tests and Client Data security

Paperless cloud-based business operations, and

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At GRIP I.T., we have a strong commitment to strengthening cybersecurity for your law firm. In the last few years, we have provided penetration testing services to the top legal firms along with a whole suite of expertise in web applications, software products, cloud solutions, third-party services and IT infrastructure.

  • Reduce your costs and build a strong relationship with your clients
  • Get IT services scaled to the needs of the lawyers/law firm managers/administrators
  • Detailed technical reports for vulnerability scans, penetration tests, compliance, etc. 
  • Advanced insights and intelligence for protection against cyberthreats

At GRIP I.T., you’ll have consistent managed experience, making technology simple and readily available. We give you proactive monitoring solutions, on-going support to help maintain continuity of the operations. From expert-based testing for regulatory compliance to developing cyber-attack resistant business-critical systems, get comprehensive risk management from GRIP I.T. professionals. 


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