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Lost Security Updates & Patches After Windows 7 End of Life?

It's High-time to Upgrade to Windows 10!

Book Free Migration Assessment | All February

Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7 on 14 January 2020, which means they're prompting you to upgrade to Windows 10. It's time to reconsider your computing environment and make it more productive. Upgrade now! Get free migration assessment at GRIP I.T. all February. 

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Assess Upgrade Readiness

Assess your current I.T. practices and get recommendations to help develop an actionable plan for adopting Windows 10 — specific to your environment. 


Reduce Migration Risk

Facilitate a well-managed migration to reduce risks for your environment. Determine the ability to deploy upcoming patches and updates from Windows. 


Application Compatibility

Analyze if your existing applications are compatible with the new version of Windows. Even get consultation for managing your applications in Windows 10. 


Identify Threats

Assess the health of your infrastructure. Discover any immediate threats and understand which Windows 10 security features can best protect your end-users. 


Increase Effectiveness

Innovate your approach to migration and deploying a new operating system with proven pre and post assessment, planning, testing and maintenance processes. 


Test and Implement

Get help creating a Windows 10 migration plan, including setting up and proving out your Windows 10 migration strategy and get guidance until successful implementation.

Start your Migration Planning with GRIP I.T. 

Deploying a new operating system is often expensive and disruptive. It's especially challenging for the staff who works in non-standard locations such as home offices. At GRIP I.T., we provide skilled experts and smart, cost-effective strategies to help modernize your Windows 10 deployment through Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA).

As part of our MRA process, we analyze your current I.T. practices and environment and make recommendations to develop actionable plans for adopting Windows 10. You can request for written analysis, including a step-by-step evaluation plan for new O.S. deployment that is specific to your environment.

MRA assesses the health and readiness of your environment prior to migration, identifying threats to end-users. It helps you understand what additional actions you should take to leverage the breadth of Windows 10 security features that best protect your end-users.

Driving Transformation with Technology

As users demand more flexibility and freedom with their devices, the systems and processes are also changing at the same time. As an emerging approach to meet users increasing requirements and to prompt adoption of new technology among endpoints, GRIP I.T. has created an innovation assessment and management program.

As a part of the process, we educate our clients on how to manage and modernize their organization's deployments and manage existing devices. We integrate your existing infrastructure with new cloud-based solutions. As a result, companies can save time and money as well as reduce complexity.

Our goal is to make sure that your employee experience ease and comfort with their P.C.s. And, when they first boot up to new O.S. like Windows 10, they can easily configure the device, use applications and access privileges without getting lost into new settings

One in four Windows users is still running Windows 7, according to the measurement website StatCounter. Security experts have advised them to upgrade their operating systems to Windows 10

- statcounter.com

Ease Your Transition From Windows 7 to Windows 10 

Get a free readiness assessment report for your environment and know if you're ready to upgrade to Windows 10.

* Note: The Free Migration Assessment offer is valid only till 29 February 2020. 

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